1. World Insane

  2. I Finally Made It

  3. Feel The Heat

  4. Good Times

  5. More Musical Stuff...

  6. Politicians

  7. Little Prayer (Patrick Simmons)

  8. Broken In Pieces

  9. Mad Streets

  10. Visitor's Song

  11. Big Foot

  12. Un Beso y Una Flor (Nino Bravo)

  13. Colombian Skies

  14. We Love Music

  15. The Best of GerGut

  16. Crazy About You

  17. The Right Path

  18. Sail With Me

  19. Narrow Land

  20. Different Devil

  21. It All Comes Around

  22. Woman Like You

  23. Sylvester

  24. Santa Claus is Coming To Town

  25. Thinking Of You

  26. Lo Que Yo Más Quiero

  27. Once And Forever

  28. You Are The One

  29. We Are in Heaven - The Very Best of GerGut II

  30. Get Close To You

  31. My Good Memories

  32. Another Day

  33. Place I Want

  34. Dark Eyed Cajun Woman

  35. This is it

  36. Let's Save The World

  37. City Of Angels

  38. On My Own

  39. I Can't Stand it Anymore

  40. My Loneliness

  41. FIFA Brasil 2014 Song

  42. Don't Let Me Down

  43. But I'm Not Sorry

  44. Buscandote

  45. Star In The Sky
    GerGut Band

  46. Feeling Emotions
    GerGut Band

  47. Different Shades Of Blue
    GerGut Band

  48. Thinking Of You Remixed
    GerGut Band

  49. Light In The Ocean
    GerGut Band

  50. Sentirse Amado
    GerGut Band

  51. Missing You
    GerGut Band

  52. Alone Again
    GerGut Band

  53. Another Brick In The Floor
    GerGut Band

  54. Something's Going Wrong
    GerGut Band

  55. Rocket Man
    GerGut Band

  56. She Is My Lady
    GerGut Band

  57. Let's Take Care Of Our Land
    GerGut Band

  58. Time Stand Still
    GerGut Band

  59. Blues From The Heart
    GerGut Band

  60. I Will Give All My Love To You
    GerGut Band

  61. Free Falling
    GerGut Band

  62. Walking The Roads
    GerGut Band

  63. All Of My Life
    GerGut Band

  64. Higher Ground
    GerGut Band

  65. What A Lonely Night
    GerGut Band

  66. Turn My Life Around
    GerGut Band

  67. Green & Red
    GerGut Band

  68. Everything Starts With A Dream
    GerGut Band


GerGut Fort Lauderdale, Florida

GerGut is a Colombian songwriter creating good music such as Blues, Rock & R&B. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the group is conformed by GerGut who plays all guitars,piano,keyboards,bass,drums & vocals, as well as Fercho Gutierrez with all guitar solos and vocals.

The group started creating music back in 1985 but just came out with all stuff in the beginning of 2011. Thank you!
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