The Best of GerGut

by GerGut Band



Hi Folks,

Today we have launched our first album of "The Best Of GerGut" with 16 songs including new material plus some old songs released last year of 2011. We have chosen for this new record tunes such as Beyond This Line, Politicians, Mad Streets, Big Foot, Colombian Skies, We Love Music, Visitor's Song and many others, which our fans have enjoyed since we started this process of music. We want to say thanks to all fans and friends that supported us during all this time and who believed in our work, as well as our family and of course God who always has been with us.

This new material will be live soon on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and many other digital stores. A phisical CD will be available at Amazon and over our store at

We wish you enjoy this new work and we will always appreciate your kindness.

Please visit our web site for more stuff there at:

Thank you!


March 17/2012


released March 17, 2012

All Songs Written By GerGut
Produced & Recorded By GerGut
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March / 2012
Musical Arrangements: GerGut & Fercho Gutierrez
GerGut: Vocals, All Guitars, Bass, Drums, Piano & Keyboards.
Fercho Gutierrez: All Guitars Solos & Background Vocals.


all rights reserved



GerGut Fort Lauderdale, Florida

GerGut is a Colombian songwriter creating good music such as Blues, Rock & R&B. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the group is conformed by GerGut who plays all guitars,piano,keyboards,bass,drums & vocals, as well as Fercho Gutierrez with all guitar solos and vocals.

The group started creating music back in 1985 but just came out with all stuff in the beginning of 2011. Thank you!
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Track Name: Colombian Skies Remix
I can see the clouds from here
And the sunset skies
Inspiration for my dreams
With Colombian skies

Staring up at the stars where eagles fly
Walking down the streets of my town
Looking to the sky and yellow clouds
Bring me back to town
Where I am sure will see my ground
And enjoy the late sunset
Thru Colombian skies

I am riding easy back to town
Where the sunset shine
Inspiration for my dreams
With Colombian skies

Music & Words By GerGut
Track Name: I Care About People
Things now look a little cloudy now
But we will be much better soon.
Just remember that it's true babe..
Sun will shine again for you and me, alright..

I know babe, sun will shine again for you and me..

Flowers growing as we give them light
Please don't try to change my mind.
I will always be a good man
Helping people to find the way.

Care the people, honey.
I can hear the rain coming down.
Come to me and I will show you now
How to help the flowers, and how to help the people.


Give them all our lifes
Give them all our care.
All we need to do is give them love..
Hey Listen, Please believe in me
Hey Listen, Please believe in them.
Hey Listen, All we need to do is give them life..

I know babe, sun will shine again for you and me..

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