Let's Save The World

by GerGut Band



Dear Folks,
Here is our new release of November/2013 called "Let's Save The World". We only think about living well,our eyes are blind to the future hell. Our world’s at risk, but we don’t care to what we do, we’re unaware. We have to take care our world and make changes to live in a better place.
Please enjoy it and visit us at www.gergut.com where you will find more stuff there.
GerGut Band


I want to move my life on different direction
I see no changes at all..
The future comes so fast and there is no reactions
I've got to do something real..

Someday the people will change their behavior
And they will find another way to love what they do..
Poverty around the world is driving me crazy
This situation must change..

Everybody needs to help to save the world..
I will work it out by myself..
No more war, no more sadness around me..
Please, let's go and give them our hand..

Let's save the world to live a better illusion
People got to have better place..
With your hands you will give more compassion
We've got to do something real..

Perhaps someday we'll have a perfect solutions
The sun will shine again to give us the light..
Mountains and rivers will bring peace and emotions
Let's save the world one more time..

Mountains and rivers will grow through the countries again...
Millions of people will learn how to live with the others..
We've got to start right away my friends saving this world..
Let's save this world...

Everybody needs to help to save the world
You will work it out by yourself...
No more war, no more sadness around us
Please, come on let's save the world..

Let's save the world again.. (Bis)

Words & Music By GerGut Records
©All Rights Reserved, November 29/2013


released November 29, 2013
Released 29 November 2013
Produced & Recorded By GerGut Records
GerGut: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums & Keyboards
Fercho Gutiérrez: All Guitar Solos & Background Vocals
All Rights Reserved - Copyright © November 29 2013 by GerGut Records


all rights reserved



GerGut Fort Lauderdale, Florida

GerGut is a Colombian songwriter creating good music such as Blues, Rock & R&B. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the group is conformed by GerGut who plays all guitars,piano,keyboards,bass,drums & vocals, as well as Fercho Gutierrez with all guitar solos and vocals.

The group started creating music back in 1985 but just came out with all stuff in the beginning of 2011. Thank you!
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