She Is My Lady

by GerGut Band



Hi Friends, here is our new release called "She Is My Lady". Hope you enjoy it!. Please visit us at where you will find more stuff about GerGut Band.

Thanks for all support given during all these years listening to our music!!


GerGut Band
May 2016


She is driving me crazy,
I can't find myself.
I'm gonna drive all night long
Until to get that place..
She makes me crazy..oh.. yeah..
I see her face every where..oh..yeah.
I'm going to wait all my life
Until she loves me as I want..
Yes I do...I will...

I got off my car by this tiny place..
I saw her sat down..watching the wheels go round..
She makes me crazy..oh..yeah..
Her face shines like the sun..oh..yeah..
I told her get up and come with me..
Let's go to see the sky all around...

She makes me crazy..
Every time I see her face..
And from the shadows..
I can see her wonder eyes...

There is a lot of confusion..
Every time I see your face..
My feelings starts loving you..
This is my dream..

I wonder why this happened to me..
My heart is beating for you..
At the end of the night..
My life will be better your side..
You make me crazy that's why I feel..
My soul is waiting for you..

I'm crazy for're crazy for me..
I know you make me crazy..
For the rest of my life..for the rest of your life..
We'll be together..

© Words & Music By GerGut Records


© Released 28 May 2016
© All Rights Reserved
© Produced & Recorded By GerGut Records
© Music Arrangements by GerGut Records
© Words & Music By GerGut Records
GerGut: Vocals, Piano, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards
Fercho Gutiérrez: All Guitar Solos, Background Vocals


all rights reserved



GerGut Fort Lauderdale, Florida

GerGut is a Colombian songwriter creating good music such as Blues, Rock & R&B. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the group is conformed by GerGut who plays all guitars,piano,keyboards,bass,drums & vocals, as well as Fercho Gutierrez with all guitar solos and vocals.

The group started creating music back in 1985 but just came out with all stuff in the beginning of 2011. Thank you!
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